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Millikan Math Academy is a 3-year program that places students in ALL HIGH HONORS ACADEMIC COURSES.  It is designed for students who excel in mathematics and wish to advance their content understanding through games, projects and problem-solving through cooperative and independent “PROBLEM OF THE WEEK” (POW) format.  POW's enrich a conceptual understanding of the standards and logical reasoning. 



6th Grade – Pre-Algebra or Algebra Placement

  • Pre Algebra/Algebra Placement Exam

  • Scores of mostly 4’s on the current report card

7th Grade – Algebra

  • Algebra Readiness Exam

  • Recommendation from 6th-grade teacher

  • No D’s, F’s, U’s in all courses

  • Positive Role Model


8th Grade – GEOMETRY

  • Success in Algebra of A or B

  • No D’s, F’s, or U’s in all courses

  • Positive Role model


All Math courses will be scheduled for 1 ½ hours during the math course and homeroom.


All students will travel together as a core to all HIGH HONORS ACADEMIC COURSES.