Frequently asked questions

Do Math Academy students have electives?

All students in the Math Academy do get to take an elective. In 6th grade they have the option of taking the wheel or Music. Students may be part of the performing arts academy as well if they are in Music.

Do the Math Academy Students use technology and engineering in the classroom STEM?

Students are given the opportunity to present all projects as screencasts, podcast, film, power points, smart board activities or on paper. Technology is used through out the 3 years as well as, concepts or engineering are stressed in Geometry on such project as bridge building competitions.

What kinds of games or hands on Math Academy Students partake in?

Virtual stock market game where student are given a virtual 100,000, Mystery of the missing Laundry graphing activity, building polyhedrons out of toothpicks and gumdrops and deriving formulas that relate the vertices, faces and edges.

What is PI DAY?

PI day is the day we celebrate math at Millikan. Math Academy sponsors a memorization contest. Last years 1st place winner memorized 1106 digits. 1st place earns $314.00. CBS, ABC, and daily news were all there to celebrate.